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Figure 8 pool



18' x 33'7" 8'




Basic Polymer or Steel Kit Includes
Hydra wall panels & braces, aluminum bull nose\cantilever lock on coping, (forms not included with cantilever coping), non-corrosive hardware,
100% virgin vinyl Hydra liner; 20 mil, 1 hp Hayward Super Pump, 24" Hayward Sand Filter, skimmer, main drain, 3-return fittings w\ eyeballs,
3-tread ladder, 300# filter sand, rebar, safety ropes, floats, anchors, grab rail, anchors, and cover plates for your selected step. Also included is the
standard maintenance kit w\ telescopic pole. MO customers: 4.225% Consumers Use Tax

See brochure for Hydra Step codes and #'s, below for pricing. If an extra step is ordered you'll have to add on the cost
of step plus $175.00 for shipping. Visit our web site for step pricing.
2 Jets with air control & plumbing for any step: $275.00\set

Lighting Options
500 watt Hayward Astral Light 120v: $600.00
12v 300 watt Hayward in pool light (includes transformer & niche): $625.00
Savi Sol 30 watt 12v LED Light 100' cord: $350\per light visit
Zodiac Savi lights has a variety of lights, waterfalls, and accessories to LIGHT UP your pool & landscape!

Dive Options
Ultra Kit: includes 6': $800.00 or 8' dive board with cantilever stand: $950.00
Deluxe Kit: 6': $600.00 or 8' dive board with 18" or 24" U-Stands (see pix gallery on web site): $700.00

Prices upon request. Any slide; is available to you! Check out the Inter-Fab build a slide (

Alternative Green Sanitizers
Zodiac Nature2 Fusion (what we us on our pool & spa) uses standard Chlorine tabs & Copper\Silver Mineralizer Cartiridge: $725.00
Uses 85% less Chlorine than standard feeders
Zodiac Nature2 Fusion Soft: Combination Chlorine Generator (salt) & Copper\silver Mineralizer Cartridge
40K gallons Fusion Soft will come with panel & automatic tester: $1350.00
Zodiac Nature2 Express: Cartridge\Vessel: used with common chlorine feeders for pools under 25K gallons. Great add on to existing
\new pool. Keeps chlorine use to a minimum: $200.00.
All Mineralizer cartridges should be replaced annually, we have found they can last >1 season depending on pool use & weather.
Always balance your chemicals; PH and Alkalinity are more important than Chlorine levels. PH & Alkalinity balance affects Chlorine
availability to survive in your pool. Also makes your liner last past 10 years.

**2016 Freight Policy**
For home delivery: +\-350, These are Hydra's freight charges we are passing on our cost to you. Consumer Freight Policy available upon request, before receivership of kit
please request policy. Order an extra step, cost of home delivery goes up, our cost to you whatever it is.

Bullnose Steps Straight-see online or brochure
HS113N: $1360.00\HS108N: $1360.00\HS107N: $1340.00\HS110N: $1360.00\HS105N: $1260\HS104N: $1175.00\HS102N: $1004.00
Swimouts\Cozy Coves
HS401: $1045.00\HS403: $1465\HS404: $1655.00
Bullnose Steps-Radius
HS112N: $1505.00\HS106N: $1460.00\HS111N: $1293.00\HS103N: $1230.00
Cantilever Steps-Straight
HS402: $585.00\HS305N$1220.00\HS310N: $1460.00\HS308N: $1380.00
Cantilever Steps-Radius
HS311N: $1540.00\HS303N: $1180.00\HS306N: $1345.00\
Corner Steps
HS109N: $1420.00\HS101N: $1380.00



Imperial Pools of St. Louis Construction Payment Policy

I love for my customers to save money. I believe the more you do & use your sweat equity, you can have a beautiful in ground pool with our guidance. With over 35 years of experience, Imperial Pools of St. Louis can answer any question you have while installing your pool. I encourage your phone calls & emails with questions. If you are not sure, call before doing something major. Excavation can be tedious so please have a place ready for us to haul dirt to because it is your responsibility to do this. Our payment policies are strictly followed by our customers & myself. Labor: $80.00\hr for labor & consulting. All labor & materials are due at the end of the day. This clears the books for everyone and keeps us coming back. A receipt will be given per customer request. If payment isn't made after each days work (unless other arrangements are made) Imperial Pools of St. Louis may choose the option of not coming back the next day. If at any time you have a question or problem with this policy, please bring it to our attention immediately. This prevents problems unforeseen & I don't want my customers to be unhappy! I have a long and dedicated customer list and an high referral rate. We are proud of our work and want you to stand back and say "I built this myself". We encourage you to gather your resources in any way possible to save money. Master plan #'s for St. Louis & St. Charles County will not be given out until a letter of intent to purchase is signed or pool kit is bought. Customers are responsible for building permits Customers are required to have their own soot barrier & orange temporary fencing. Imperial pools is owned & operated by Cynthia Chase; owner/Office: 4115 County Rd 1 Courtois MO 65565-8833. Email: 800.766.5864 Fax: 573.244.3132 


Fax:  573.244.3132

Imperial Pools of St Louis is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design in Steelville MO

Imperial Pools of St. Louis is owned & operated by Robert & Cynthia Chase.  Office address: 4115 County Rd. 1, Courtois MO 65565-8833
1-800-766-5864  Fax 1-573-244-3132
Prices are subject to change at our discretion.
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Imperial Pools of St Louis is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design in Steelville MO